Was ist das Neuroorthopädische Institut ( NOI ) eigentlich?

Das Neuro-Orthopädische Institut (NOI) Australien ist seit 20 Jahren in der Bildung und Forschung mit dem Schwerpunktthema Schmerz tätig. Hochqualifizierte Instruktoren unterrichten auf allen Kontinenten Kursteilnehmer aus verschiedenen Disziplinen. Mit über 100 Seminaren pro Jahr weltweit sind Fakultätsmitglieder der Noigroup bei vielen Konferenzen, Universitätsprogrammen und anderen postuniversitären Bildungseinheiten präsent und aktiv involviert. Die Organisation investiert in Bildung und klinische Forschung. Daraus sind die Noigroup Publikationen entstanden, welche zur Finanzierung der Forschungsarbeiten beitragen.


  • The Knee Osteoarthritis Handbook
    The Knee Osteoarthritis Handbook

    THE KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS HANDBOOK G. Lorimer Moseley, David S. Butler, Tasha R. StantonExpected arrival mid-December

    Find everything you need to start your recovery. Learn how to use the 3 Critical Ingredients, the ground-breaking…

    € 27,50
  • Knee Osteoarthritis Course
    Knee Osteoarthritis Course

    Cartilage is a complex beast; it is dynamic and bioplastic. A truly modern understanding of osteoarthritis offers hope for possible improvement and recovery. The secret is finding The Sweet Zone for physical activity,…

  • Bodily Relearning by Benjamin S. Boyd
    Bodily Relearning by Benjamin S. Boyd

    Reteaching bodily protection responses through insight and movement exploration

    New printrun expected October 2023​

    Bodily Relearning is a book for all healthcare providers and movement specialists who are actively helping…

    € 85,00
  • Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks Book Series 1-5 by Joshua W. Pate
    Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks Book Series 1-5 by Joshua W. Pate

    Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks Book Series 1-5 by Joshua W. PateISBN: 978-0-9873426-2-1Join Zoe and Zak Zoppins to learn how pain science can be AMAZING!‘This epidemic of pain that we have right through childhood, through…

    € 50,00
  • Explain Pain - Second Edition
    Explain Pain - Second Edition

    This is the origional English version

    € 50,00
  • Pain and Perception: A closer look at why we hurt
    Pain and Perception: A closer look at why we hurt

    PAIN AND PERCEPTION: A CLOSER LOOK AT WHY WE HURTDaniel S. Harvie & G. Lorimer Moseley ISBN: 978-0-6480227-5-6Product Type: Print bookNew release!

    This book is not just for understanding pain and perception. It does more than…

    € 32,50
  • Explain Pain Supercharged
    Explain Pain Supercharged

    EXPLAIN PAIN SUPERCHARGEDG. Lorimer Moseley & David S. ButlerISBN: 978-0-6480227-0-1Product Type: Print bookFor: Clinicians

    This is the ultimate Explain Pain resource for clinicians and researchers. For the first time,…

    € 100,00
  • Explain Pain Handbook - Protectometer
    Explain Pain Handbook - Protectometer

    THE EXPLAIN PAIN HANDBOOK: PROTECTOMETERG. Lorimer Moseley & David S. ButlerISBN: 978-0-9750910-9-8Product Type: Print bookHandbook story on video

    For: People experiencing pain

    The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is a key…

    € 27,50
  • -8%

    Explain Pain Superset
    Explain Pain Superset
    € 200,00 € 185,00
  • Painful Yarns
    Painful Yarns

    Painful Yarns
    This much anticipated collection of stories, written by clinical neuroscientist and co-author of Explain Pain, Dr GL Moseley, provides an entertaining and informative way to understand modern pain biology. Described…

    € 22,50
  • Sarah Bella Clinic Poster
    Sarah Bella Clinic Poster
    € 50,00
  • Graded Motor Imagery Handbook - 2019 update
    Graded Motor Imagery Handbook - 2019 update

    HE GRADED MOTOR IMAGERY HANDBOOKDavid Butler, Lorimer Moseley & Tim BeamesISBN: 978-0-9872467-5-2Product Type: Print bookDeeper understanding of Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) and evolution of the Recognise online software into the…

    € 40,00
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